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Bitumen Modifiers

Bitumen Modifier

Bitumen modifier is a unique opportunity to obtain reliable, durable and, most importantly, inexpensive asphalt pavement. bitumen modifier is a styrene-based thermoplastic elastomer used as an additive to asphalt concrete mix. The use of bitumen modifiers changes the properties of asphalt, more precisely – of asphalt concrete, and significantly expands its operational characteristics. The asphalt concrete pavement of the roadway is already a reliable and high-quality building material, but the use of Synox asphalt modifiers can improve its properties.

Increasing the Strength of Asphalt due to Modifiers

The bitumen modifier expands the temperature range at which an asphalt road can be operated without compromising the properties of the asphalt pavement. At low temperatures, modified asphalt retains its strength and ductility, and at high temperatures – low flow. In addition, the use of asphalt modifiers increases the strength of the asphalt concrete pavement, allowing in some cases to reduce the thickness of the asphalt by 30-40%, in comparison with the unmodified asphalt of a conventional road.

Effect of Bitumen Modifiers on Asphalt Properties

Although the temperature ranges at which modified asphalt maintains its performance is wider than that of conventional asphalt, it can be paving at temperatures lower than that of conventional asphalt. This makes it possible to carry out road works at lower ambient temperatures – in the autumn-spring period. Reducing the temperature of the asphalt concrete mixture by 10-30°C during road construction reduces heating costs, and also reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Another property of asphalt concrete made using bitumen modifiers is its high compaction capacity. The modified asphalt can be compacted with conventional rollers for a durable road surface. In the case of using bitumen modifiers for the production of asphalt concrete, it becomes an ideal material for paving metal and concrete bridges.

Prospects for the Use of Bitumen Modifiers

A modern road is the basis of the infrastructure of any country, and a guarantee of its economic development in the future. The use of bitumen modifiers makes it possible to build new roads that meet the highest technical requirements, much faster, cheaper and of better quality than from ordinary unmodified asphalt concrete. An important factor in favor of the use of bitumen modifiers is the reduction of harm to the environment.