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Cooking and Recipes

Christmas Dishes from Around the World

Different countries cook different Christmas dishes for Christmas - from Christmas turkey in the United States to gingerbread in Germany or borscht in Poland and Ukraine.

Mexican Cuisine

Mexican cuisine is known for its original, unexpected combinations of vegetables, fruits and spices in food recipes, which makes it so unlike other cuisines in the world.

Soups and Broths

Soups are cooked on broths or broths, while broths can be meat, mushroom, fish, and broths are cooked from vegetables, berries or fruits.

Home Brewing

Home brewing allows you to get real live beer at home, which cannot be bought in a store, home beer recipes can be very diverse.

Pike in Tomato Sauce Recipe

Pike in tomato sauce cooked according to this recipe has a unique taste, since any fish goes well with tomato sauce.

Almond Pretzel Recipe

Almond pretzel is a delicious sweet pastry that you can make at home with simple ingredients.

Roasted Turkey Recipe

Cooking a roasted turkey is not difficult, all you have to do is have an oven and buy a turkey of the right size.

Quince Liqueur

Quince liqueur is a strong alcoholic drink that can be prepared at home with simple ingredients.