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Christmas Dishes from Around the World

Christmas and Christmas Recipes

Christmas is celebrated all over the world, and cooking is an integral part of this holiday. Different countries cook a variety of Christmas dishes - from Christmas turkey in the United States to gingerbread in Germany or borscht in Poland and Ukraine. Different countries have their own Christmas culinary traditions and their own Christmas recipes for the most delicious dishes that can be prepared for Christmas. Let's try to understand the culinary preferences of different countries for this holiday.

Christmas Dishes from Different Countries

Christmas Pudding

In the UK, Christmas pudding is cooked for Christmas - a very tasty festive dish. The Christmas pudding recipe includes cinnamon, ginger, nuts, dates and many other ingredients, making this British dish a very good choice for Christmas celebrations. And considering that in the finale the Christmas pudding is poured with brandy and flambéed - this dish is generally a Christmas miracle!

Roast Lamb

In Spain, it is customary to cook roasted lamb for Christmas. The lamb is pre-marinated and then baked with wine, lemon, garlic and various spices. For the Spaniards, the aroma of roast lamb is associated with the celebration of Christmas.

Yuletide Log

In France, at Christmas they cook the famous Yuletide log - a cake made from sponge cake and chocolate icing. In France, there are many different recipes for the Yuletide log, differing in different ingredients, but the common thing for this dish is its decoration - the Yuletide log should look as realistic as possible.

Fried Sweet Ham with Pineapple

In the United States of America, at Christmas, along with the traditional Christmas turkey, they cook fried ham with pineapples. The ham is fried for a long time and served garnished with pineapple slices and cherries.

Cappelletti Meat Soup

In Italy, along with traditional Christmas fish dishes, cappelletti meat soup is cooked for Christmas, which is often eaten on Christmas Eve.

Boiled Cod

In Portugal, as in Italy, mainly fish dishes are cooked for Christmas, one of which is bacalhau - very tasty boiled cod with potatoes and vegetables.

Fish Soup

In Hungary, they cook festive fish soup for Christmas, although, in fairness, it must be said that Hungarians do not forget about meat dishes at Christmas and sweet desserts - a good example is the Hungarian Christmas cake with honey and nuts.

Borscht with Dumplings

In Poland, on Christmas Eve there should be 12 dishes on the table in honor of the 12 apostles, one of which is borscht with dumplings.


In Greece, for Christmas they cook sweet pastries - melomakaroma, which are cookies made from honey, flour and olive oil. This Christmas dish is very popular in Greece at Christmas.

Ginger Bread

In Germany, at Christmas they cook a sweet dessert - ginger bread, bake Christmas macaroons and make gingerbread houses from ginger dough. Ginger bread is a very common sweet in Germany and this Christmas dessert is very tasty and popular.