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Object Security

CCTV Systems

The video surveillance system consists of video surveillance cameras, wired or wireless communication systems, as well as a data carrier - a computer or a video recorder.

Barbed Wire History

A brief history of the invention of barbed wire and the use of barbed wire for various purposes.

Reinforced Chain-Link Fence

Reinforced fence made of woven chain-link mesh for use in difficult environmental conditions and fencing important objects.

Time Tracking Systems

A time tracking system is a reliable control over the activities of employees of any enterprise or commercial firm.

Barbed Wire

The design of barbed wire is simple - sharp spikes of steel wire is wound on one steel wire base at intervals. What is Barbed Wire?

Egoza Razor Wire

Egoza razor wire is a modern replacement for ordinary barbed wire, Egoza is a durable steel wire with razor blades.

Concertina Wire

Concertina wire is the most common type of security barrier made of modern Egoza razor wire, which looks like an accordion.

Razor Wire Spiral

There are many types of razor wire barriers, and the razor wire spiral is one of the most widespread varieties of such a fence.