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Concertina Wire

What is a Concertina Wire?

The concertina wire is currently the most common type of security barrier made of modern Egoza razor wire, which looks like an accordion, from which the concertina wire got its name. When the first barbed wire fence appeared, resembling an accordion, it was called the concertina.

History of the Appearance of the Concertina

It happened during the First World War, when the usual barbed wire in military operations was used most massively. Many kilometers of the front line were covered with barbed wire stretched in various ways, through which it was almost impossible to advance. The appearance of the concertina made it possible not only to defend sectors of the front with it, but also to do it quickly. The concertina was made in advance and stored in the form of coils of barbed wire, and it could be installed very quickly by simply stretching and fixing the barbed wire coil on the ground. Another name for the barbed wire spiral is the Bruno spiral, which is often used to refer to an ordinary barbed wire fence, and modern barbed wire fences are called concertina.

Contemporary Concertina Wire

A modern fence made of razor wire in the form of an accordion is called a concertina. The modern concertina is made not from ordinary barbed wire, but from its modern version - Egoza razor wire. Such a wire is equipped with sharp blades that not only hook, but also cause deep cuts. Made on the basis of high-carbon steel wire, the Egoza razor wire has high strength, which makes it very difficult to bite the coils of the concertina wire with an ordinary instrument. The spring properties of the core of the razor wire enable the concertina wire to restore its shape after external impact, for this reason the modern concertina wire is also much more effective than the Bruno spiral from ordinary barbed wire.

Scope of Use of the Concertina Wire

Concertina wire is used to protect the perimeter of protected objects of various types and purposes. The scope of its application is very wide - from private property to strategic facilities. Depending on the type of protected object and the level of security that needs to be provided, a concertina wire with different parameters can be used. In some cases, it is enough to install a concertina wire of small diameter in one row on the fence, and in other cases, you may need a concertina wire with a diameter of a meter or more, connected in several tiers to create a high barrier.

Concertina Wire Construction

The design of the concertina wire barrier is simple and reliable - it is Egoza razor wire wound into a coil, the coils of which are connected to each other with clips. When stretched out, the concertina wire is a springy structure made of Egoza razor wire with rhombus-shaped cells. Egoza razor wire is used as the material for making the concertina, which, in turn, is made from high-carbon steel wire and rolled steel. Concertina connecting clips are also made from rolled steel. All coiled steel and steel wire used for the production of concertina wire have a high-quality zinc coating, which provides it with a long service life.

Concertina Wire Montage

Concertina wire installation can be carried out in several ways - along fences, along buildings, along the ground, etc. The choice of a concertina wire mounting method is quite a difficult task for an unprepared specialist, therefore it is better to entrust such work to professionals who specialize in mounting Egoza razor wire and concertina wire barriers.