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Egoza Razor Wire

Egoza Wire

Egoza razor wire is a modern replacement for ordinary barbed wire, Egoza is a durable steel wire with razor blades. Egoza razor wire, unlike ordinary barbed wire, is less often used as a protective barrier, and is more used for making various types of barriers from it. Due to the high strength of the Egoza razor wire, security barriers made from it also have high strength, durability and serve as an effective means of protecting the perimeter of protected objects. In combination with video surveillance, alarm and electronic perimeter protection systems, Egoza razor wire allows you to most effectively protect the territory of any object.

Egoza Razor Wire Design

Egoza razor wire is a core made of high-carbon steel wire, around which a steel tape with sharp blades is pressed. The manufacturing technology of the Egoza razor wire makes it possible to compress the core so that the tape with blades and the wire practically become a single whole. The high strength and spring properties of Egoza razor wire are due to its core with a high carbon content, made of rope or spring wire. The high efficiency of the razor wire is ensured by specially designed blades that hook well and cut perfectly. In the production of Egoza razor wire, only galvanized steel and wire are used - this ensures more than one decade of its operation even in humid climates. If the razor wire will be used in marine conditions - on ships or coast, stainless steel and stainless wire are used for its manufacture.

Using Egoza Wire

Egoza razor wire is a more durable and efficient replacement for conventional barbed wire. It can be stretched in one or more strands, like ordinary barbed wire, forming a peak on a fence or even an entire barbed wire fence. But security barriers based on Egoza razor wire are more effective – razor wire spiral, concertina wire, flat and pyramidal barriers, mobile barriers of various designs, razor mesh and many other barriers. Two types of security barriers are most widely used in the world – concertina wire and a razor wire spiral made of Egoza wire. Concertina wire is an accordion of coils of razor wire connected by clips, and the razor wire spiral has no connecting clips. But other types of barriers made of Egoza razor wire are no less common - a flat barrier installed on fences, a razor mesh serving as a fence sheet, as well as mobile and pyramidal barriers of various designs.

Egoza Mounting

Installation of Egoza wire is much more complicated and dangerous than installation of ordinary barbed wire. This is due to the fact that Egoza razor wire is much harder, stronger and springier than ordinary barbed wire, so it is much more difficult to work with it. A special tool is used to cut and tension it, and all manipulations with the razor wire and barriers from it require extreme caution. For this reason, do-it-yourself installation of Egoza barbed wire is highly discouraged; it is better to entrust this work to professionals.