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Razor Wire Spiral

What is a Razor Wire Spiral?

There are many types of razor wire barriers, and the razor wire spiral is one of the most widespread varieties of such a fence. Outwardly, the razor spiral resembles another type of security barrier - the concertina barrier. But the razor spiral differs from the concertina wire in many respects - it is a slightly different type of protective barrier made of modern Egoza razor wire. The Egoza razor spiral is a coil of razor wire, stretched and fixed on guides - ordinary barbed wire or tension wire. The main difference between the Egoza razor spiral and the concertina wire is the complete absence of connecting clips in its design, the clips are used only for mounting the razor wire spiral. The razor spiral has protective properties comparable to those of a concertina, while being much cheaper.

Egoza Razor Spiral Design

Since the Egoza razor spiral does not have connecting clips, its design is extremely simple - it is just a coil of modern barbed wire of a certain diameter. Since no connecting clips are used in its design, the strength of such a spiral is determined by the core of the razor wire. For the same reason, the Egoza razor wire spiral is made of a much smaller diameter than the concertina barrier. The razor spiral has another significant difference from the concertina - as a material for the manufacture of the razor spiral, razor wire with elongated blades is usually used. Due to its design, the Egoza razor spiral is not as strong as the concertina, but has more pronounced entangling, hooking and cutting properties, which fully compensates for its reduced rigidity.

Features of Mounting the Razor Spiral

Due to its design, the Egoza razor helix wire has certain mounting features. Unlike the concertina, which has a stretch range in which it is most effective, the razor helix does not have such a limitation. Such a protective barrier can be stretched as far as common sense suffices - after all, the spiral should be a helix, and not a stretched thread of Egoza razor wire. But this allows the same product to be stretched within fairly large limits without reducing its protective properties. Another difference in the installation of the razor spiral is that when it is installed, the connecting clips must be installed at each point of contact between the Egoza razor wire spiral and the tension or barbed wire on which the spiral is installed. This somewhat slows down its installation, but ensures high strength and efficiency of the created barrier.

Razor Spiral or Concertina?

The choice of the type of security barrier depends on many factors - the importance of the protected object, the availability of additional perimeter protection, the project budget and much more. In general, it is recommended to install a cutting spiral with a diameter of 400-600 mm on light metal fences made of welded mesh or chain-link mesh, and install more powerful, high and expensive concertina barriers over concrete fences or simply on the ground in one or more rows. In any case, it is better to entrust the choice of the type of security barrier to specialists in the field of engineering means of protecting the perimeter.