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Egoza Razor Wire Installation

Egoza Razor Wire Installation Methods

Egoza razor wire installation can be carried out in different ways - Egoza barbed wire can be installed on fences and buildings, auxiliary structures or simply on the ground. The choice of the method of installation of barbed wire is carried out depending on the type of protected object, the terrain along which the perimeter line passes, as well as many other factors.

Installation of Egoza Razor Wire on Fences and Buildings

Mounting Egoza razor wire on a fence is the most common way to install this type of razor wire fence. In most cases, Egoza wire is mounted to enhance the protective properties of an existing or being built fence. For this purpose, both single strand Egoza barbed wire and various types of barriers are used, the most common of which is the Egoza barrier or the concertina barrier. Such an accordion made of Egoza barbed wire is mounted on any type of fence - concrete, brick, welded mesh, welded panels, profiled sheet and others. To mount Egoza wire on fences, special brackets are used to ensure its secure fastening to the fence. In a similar way, Egoza razor wire is installed on any types of buildings, allowing you to protect objects whose walls go beyond the protected perimeter.

Installation of Egoza on the Surface on the Ground

Installation of Egoza Using Auxiliary Structures

Installation of Egoza razor wire with the use of auxiliary structures is used if it is necessary to erect a fence from Egoza barbed wire where there has not been a fence yet. In this case, poles and other elements of auxiliary structures are used to attach various types of Egoza barriers to them. Such a fence can be made from Egoza barbed wire stretched in several rows, from a flat and Egoza concertina barrier, as well as from Egoza razor mesh, which is specially designed for erecting barbed wire fences. To create such fences, not one type of Egoza razor wire fence can be used, but a combination of their various types.

Installation of Egoza on the Ground

Installation of Egoza wire on the ground can be carried out without the use of special structures. This type of installation is used in cases where large-diameter Egoza concertina barriers are installed in one or several rows, as well as in the case of multi-level Egoza concertina wire in the form of pyramids of several concertinas. This type of Egoza razor wire installation makes it possible to create almost impenetrable barbed wire barriers where it is impossible to install a fence or other fence. This type of Egoza wire installation is well suited for protecting perimeter sections of a protected object located on slopes, in ravines and on other rough terrain. To fix concertina on the ground, screw piles or anchors of a different design are usually used, the main requirement for which is the impossibility of being removed from the ground. So, a row of screw piles with reinforcement passed through their holes and placed inside the concertina barrier makes it impossible to separate such a barrier from the ground.

Auxiliary Materials for the Installation of Egoza Razor Wire

When mounting Egoza razor wire, various auxiliary materials are used - tension wire or ordinary barbed wire, holders of various types, various structures made of metal pipes, tie wire, steel reinforcement, screw piles and much more.