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Reinforced Chain-Link Fence

Fence for Responsible Objects

The fence of the strengthened design from a chain-link mesh is intended for operation in difficult natural conditions on the objects demanding increased security measures. The reinforced construction fence is highly durable and reliably protects the territory enclosed by it, even without the use of additional protective barriers made of Egoza razor wire or Concertina wire barriers. The reinforced structure fence is reliably protected from corrosion by a multi-layer coating, so even in difficult meteorological conditions, such a fence serves for many decades without requiring maintenance or repair.

Reinforced Fence Design

A woven mesh fence is mounted on large metal posts embedded in a continuous concrete base. Support and corner posts of the fence have additional spacers to increase the strength of the structure. Between the pillars in several rows there is a linear wire, tightly stretched with the help of special tension devices. A continuous web of woven mesh chain-link is attached both to posts and to a linear wire, which ensures reliable fixation and tension of the mesh around the entire perimeter of the fence.

On the upper and lower edges, the mesh has rows of sharp spikes formed by mesh wire twisted and cut at an angle; from below, the mesh is fastened with cotter pins to the concrete base. The use of a mesh with spikes makes the fence a fairly reliable obstacle even without the use of Egoza barbed wire, Concertina wire barriers or other security barriers. All elements of the fence, including wire, hardware and chain-link mesh, are securely galvanized and protected with a polymer coating about 1 mm thick, which provides reliable protection against moisture, protecting the metal of the fence from corrosion.

Barbed Wire for a Fence

Although such a chain-link fence has high protective properties, its design can be further strengthened by installing any type of Egoza razor wire barriers or just ordinary barbed wire in several rows on top.