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Time Tracking Systems

Time Tracking

A time tracking system is a reliable control over the activities of employees of any enterprise or commercial firm. Without a reliable accounting of the time spent at the enterprise, it is impossible to build an effective use of labor for certain tasks. Time tracking systems allow you to automatically control both the presence of employees at the workplace at one time or another, and the period of time spent by one or another employee in a company or enterprise.

Control and Tracking Systems

In general, the time attendance system is very similar to the access control and management system, since it uses a similar principle of employee identification, which uses various kinds of keys - from magnetic or contactless cards and key fobs to reading biometric information - for example, fingerprints. But, unlike the access control system, the time attendance system only collects and analyzes information about the stay of employees, without controlling their access. The similarity of these systems is not accidental - enterprises often use an integrated security system that simultaneously restricts access and takes into account the working hours of employees.

Design, Installation and Maintenance of Time Tracking Systems

Many security firms, specializing in security systems, design, install, and service both time tracking systems and other security systems. Qualified specialists will carry out work on the installation of time tracking systems, as well as perform all the necessary commissioning. But do not forget that any security system, including a time tracking system, requires regular maintenance - only in this case can its uninterrupted operation be guaranteed throughout the entire life of the system.