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Second Hand Wholesale

Wholesale Second Hand Clothes

Currently, second-hand clothes are more and more in demand among buyers. Many companies specialize in the wholesale of second-hand clothes of the original category. They supply wholesale second-hand clothes from 100 kg per pack. These are high quality, affordable clothing, assembled in the UK, clean, bagged, sanitized and safe for consumers. The range of second-hand clothing offered by such firms includes jackets, coats, fur coats, men's and women's trousers, shirts, jeans, children's clothing, sweaters and other knitwear, and many other types of high-quality inexpensive clothing.

What is Second Hand, Stock, and Other Inexpensive Clothes

Many people think that second-hand clothes are the last thing you can think of, because everyone remembers the second-hand clothes of the mid-90s - dim closets, an unpleasant smell, clothes piled up in one heap and people rummaging, hoping to find at least one decent thing. But every year, second-hand clothing has become more diverse, and its popularity has begun to grow. This is understandable, because quite a decent thing can be bought much cheaper, and second-hand stores have turned into entire supermarkets.

What is second hand clothes? The name second hand comes from the English second hand, which means "second hand". There is a second-hand store for a very, very long time, you can remember the story, the kings gave their clothes to their subjects, thereby showing their favor. Currently, many people prefer to wear things for one season, and then rent them out as second-hand - in many European countries this is a completely normal phenomenon. In England, Germany, France and many other countries there are factories for sorting and processing second-hand clothes and shoes.

Depending on the quality, clothes are classified into several types of categories:

  • lux, extra, creve - clothes with a minimum percentage of wear, new or almost new;
  • Category 1 - not torn, not dirty clothes, with a small percentage of wear;
  • Category 2 - things that are not suitable for use may come across;
  • Category 3 - rags, rags.

Separately, second-hand clothes can be classified according to their composition:

  • sorting is sorted clothes according to some attribute, for example: skirts, sweaters, trousers;
  • mix - things are packed according to the principle: spring, summer, children's, men's, women's;
  • original - things that are handed over directly by people in bundles, packages, they are not selected, and the quality depends on the country of the supplier.

Second hand clothes can be packed in bales or bags weighing from 10 kg to 100 kg, except for category 3. All second-hand clothes are sanitized - at the beginning, things are exposed to chemical compounds, and then they undergo high-temperature steam treatment, and when imported into the customs territory of the country, the packaging is fumigated. As a result of this processing, the clothes become safe to use and are sold in inexpensive second-hand clothing stores.