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Masonry Mesh

Masonry Mesh for Construction Work

Masonry mesh is used during construction work to reinforce reinforced concrete structures, a layer of plaster when leveling walls, masonry mesh is also used when laying tiles and tiles, to strengthen mine workings, as a binder for brickwork in the construction of multi-storey buildings, etc. - the scope of the masonry mesh is quite large.

Masonry Mesh Material

Masonry mesh is mainly made of metal - woven, twisted, welded, prefabricated and other types of masonry mesh are produced. The basis for the manufacture of masonry mesh is wire; to protect against corrosion, masonry mesh is sometimes coated with a protective coating of plastic or galvanized. Welded masonry mesh is currently in the greatest demand, which is characterized by high strength, and, in the case of using a protective coating with plastic or galvanization, it resists corrosion well.

Welded Masonry Mesh

Welded masonry mesh can be supplied in rolls or cards (sheets), while the cell size, as well as the length and width of the roll, or the size of the welded masonry mesh sheet may vary, depending on the area of application of the masonry mesh.